Powder Light Development

Powder Light, a Lone Mountain Land Company project, provides seasonal workforce housing. LMLC permanently deed restricted the development to prohibit short-term rentals.

 Employee Housing for Local Businesses

Designed for the seasonal workforce, Powder Light offers double-occupancy bedrooms with shared living spaces. *Big Sky Community Housing Trust has access to ten apartments, which accommodate 96 tenants.

Located adjacent to Ace Hardware off Lone Mountain Trail, Powder Light provides a home to 448 local workers. LMLC finished and occupied Phase 1 in June of 2022 and Phase 2 in February of 2023.



If you’re a Big Sky employer interested in leasing bedrooms in Powder Light for your employees, please complete the POWDER LIGHT APPLICATION. PLEASE NOTE: your business must be registered with Resort Tax before applying.


  • Monthly rent is $1,750 per bedroom.
  • Rent includes all furnishings, utilities, and Wi-Fi.
  • Apartments consist of four or five double-occupancy bedrooms, three bathrooms, plus a common kitchen and living area.
  • Powder Light amenities include a community gym and in-unit laundry.
  • Powder Light is located on the Skyline bus route and is walking distance from Meadow Center.
  • Bedrooms lease directly to employers to sublease to their employees.
  • Lease length is a year.

*BSCHT secured its involvement in Powder Light with BSCHT’s access to designated workforce housing water rights. BSCHT made no financial contributions. Lone Mountain Land Company constructed and funded the project using private funding. Neither Resort Tax or other public funding sources contributed to the development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to rent in Powder Light?

Any business that is registered with the Big Sky Resort Area District may rent bedrooms in Powder Light. (Businesses must register with Resort Tax prior to applying for Powder Light bedrooms, even if their business does not collect the tax.) Nonbusiness owners are not eligible to rent bedrooms in Powder Light.

Are pets permitted in Powder Light?

No, pets are not allowed in Powder Light.

Are utilities included in the rental rate?

All costs, including utilities, are included in the $1,700 per bedroom rental rate.

Is smoking allowed?

Powder light is a smoke-free campus.

If an employee finds alternate housing before the lease ends, am I able to transfer the lease to another employee?

Powder Light double-occupancy bedrooms will lease directly to businesses who may sublease the bedrooms to their employees. If an employee changes jobs or finds housing independently, the business may place a new employee in the unit instead.

What is the minimum and maximum number of bedrooms my business can rent?

The minimum amount of space a Big Sky business can rent in Powder Light is one double-occupancy bedroom. You cannot rent a single bed. The maximum is set based on current availability and demand.

How much is the rent at Powder Light?

The monthly rent is $1,700 per bedroom. It includes all furnishings, utilities, and Wi-Fi.

Can my business put just one employee in each Powder Light bedroom?
Each Powder Light bedroom comes with two single beds. Employers may choose to double or single-occupy each bedroom. The rent is the same for both scenarios.

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