Frequently Asked Questions


What is MeadowView?
MeadowView is a community land trust development sponsored by Big Sky Community Housing Trust. Funded in part by Big Sky Resort Tax District, the project provides affordable homeownership opportunities to year-round employees. This 52-unit development located off Little Coyote Road consists of 12 studios and 40 two-bedroom units, each with a heated garage. Using the community land trust concept, the homes sell to eligible purchasers at a reduced rate and will maintain affordability in perpetuity through a ground lease.
Why buy at MeadowView?

The community developed MeadowView Condominiums using a nonprofit land trust model. Under this model, homes sell below market rate to households living and working in Big Sky. In addition to their affordability, MeadowView units are well-designed, energy-efficient, and conveniently located near recreational activities and the bus route.

How does a community land trust work?

Homes sell to qualifying households for a below-market rate with a ground lease that limits the appreciation owners will receive at resale. When owners move, they must sell their home to a qualified household or to the community land trust at a predetermined, affordable price. When locals purchase in MeadowView, they know the maximum appreciation percentage they may receive annually for the period that they own their home. This model allows households priced out of expensive housing markets to purchase, benefiting from limited appreciation and housing stability, while ensuring that the investment to create affordable housing remains in the community in perpetuity.

Who can purchase these units?

The target income range for purchasers of these units is between 60-150% of average median income, or between $40,000 to $130,000 for the household. Purchasers must work in Big Sky full-time, not own other housing properties, commit to live in the unit, and qualify for a conventional mortgage. The net worth of the purchaser cannot exceed half the value of the unit.

How do I become eligible to purchase a MeadowView?

Step One: Join BSCHT’s Homeownership Waitlist.

Step Two: To be eligible, candidates must also attend a Homebuyer Education Class. Big Sky Community Housing Trust does not offer this class. Two options exist to complete this course:

  1. HRDC in Bozeman offers the course virtually. Visit HRDC’s Website for more information or email
  2. NeighborWorks Montana offers the course online, allowing you to complete the course at your own pace.
Are all MeadowView units already sold?

Yes, all units have been sold. The construction of MeadowView completed in the summer of 2021. Units will only become available when current owners choose to sell. There is currently a waitlist for eligible buyers.

How much will the units cost?
The last of the MeadowView studios sold for $155,000. Two-bedroom units sold for $320,000. Owners earn 2% in appreciation per year. Future sale prices will be determined based on this formula.
Is there down payment assistance available?
Yes. Individual assistance will be determined upon review of an applicant’s financial information and the current availability of funds. Down payment assistance funds are limited to $20,000 and are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Down payment assistance is considered a secondary loan, and it must be repaid upon the owner’s resale of the property.
Will I have to pay back down payment assistance funds?
Yes. These funds are a loan and must be returned to BSCHT at resale. BSCHT will then recycle the funds and loan them to future buyers.
What costs should I anticipate?

Buyers are responsible for their monthly mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utilities, and HOA dues. The monthly mortgage payment will vary by buyer and is determined by the buyer’s primary lender. HOA fees will cover lawn care, snow removal, garbage, insurance, and maintenance of the building exterior. The total for taxes, insurance, and HOA fees is approximately $500 a month for two-bedroom units and $300 a month for studios.

What is the purchase process?

Step One: Join BSCHT’s Homeownership Waitlist.

Step Two: To be eligible, candidates must also attend a Homebuyer Education Class. Big Sky Community Housing Trust does not offer this class. Two options exist to complete this course:

  1. HRDC in Bozeman offers the course virtually. Visit HRDC’s Website for more information, call HRDC at 406-587-4486, or email
  2. NeighborWorks Montana offers the course online, allowing you to complete the course at your own pace.
What financing is available?

BSCHT gives potential buyers a list of lenders that have financing history with MeadowView. First Security Bank in Big Sky negotiated a Fannie Mae option that provides a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, but buyers may use any qualified lender of their choosing. All loans to purchase MeadowView units need to meet conventional lending standards and conform to a ground lease project. A rural development loan, which offers a 5% down payment option, has also been approved for the project.

How much will I need to contribute to purchase?

The minimum buyer contribution is between 5% and 20% of the purchase price, which includes the earnest money due at the time of signing the purchase contract as well as the funds brought to closing. Down payment funds can also be gifted to the buyer.

Can I use a co-borrower?

Yes. Subject to the primary lender’s requirements, you can utilize a co-borrower who does not intend to live in the home to help you qualify for the mortgage.

Can investors purchase MeadowView units?

No. MeadowView units must be owner-occupied and are not available for purchase by investors. Short-term rentals are strictly prohibited in MeadowView.

How do I sell my MeadowView unit when I’m ready to move to another property?

When owners decide to sell their home, they must sell to a qualified buyer on the wait list who meets BSCHT's work, residency, and financial qualifications. If a buyer is not readily identifiable, owners may resell to BSCHT.

Can I rent out a bedroom in my unit?

Owners of two-bedroom units may rent out a room on a long-term basis of six months or more. Tenants must work full-time in Big Sky. The current maximum amount of rent allowed is $800 a month plus utilities.

Will any three-bedroom units be available?

There are no three-bedroom units available in MeadowView. BSCHT is exploring future development projects to accommodate this community need.

Good Deeds

Who is eligible?

Anyone interested in purchasing, selling, or investing in a Big Sky property may participate.

What properties are eligible for GOOD DEEDS?

Properties located within the Big Sky Resort Area District are eligible to apply.

How do I apply?

Applicants must complete an application. If the GOOD DEEDS application involves a sales transaction, the applicant must also provide a preapproval letter from a lender. If the applicant is a current owner, BSCHT requires proof of ownership and mortgage information.

What are the key terms of a GOOD DEEDS restriction?
  1. At least one occupant must work a minimum of 30 hours per week in Big Sky and use the property as their primary residence. The occupant can be the owner or a tenant.
  2. Short-term rentals are strictly prohibited.
Where can I find information on the GOOD DEEDS agreement?

GOOD DEEDS Purchase Sales Agreement (Sales agreement with BSCHT, the buyer of the deed restriction)

GOOD DEEDS Deed Restriction (BSCHT files this deed restriction with Gallatin County or Madison County)

GOOD DEEDS Subordination Agreement (Required when deed restricting a property with a mortgage)

What happens to the deed restriction when ownership changes?

The deed restriction follows the property in perpetuity.

As an investor, can I participate and rent my property?

Yes, you can rent your property. At least occupant must work in Big Sky a minimum of 30 hours a week. Short-term renting is strictly prohibited.

How does this program relate to RENT LOCAL?
RENT LOCAL incentivizes unit owners to rent their homes to local workers.  GOOD DEEDS incentivizes unit owners to preserve their property for residents.
COMMITMENT: four years max COMMITMENT: forever (transfers with sale)
Buys a temporary restriction Buys a permanent restriction
Stop-gap measure intended to immediately create inventory Permanent solution to reserve existing inventory for locals
Cash  paid for each year owner commits to RENT LOCAL Cash incentive paid once in exchange for the deed restriction
How much money will I receive for a GOOD DEEDS restriction?
The amount a GOOD DEEDS restriction is worth depends on the circumstances, how much an applicant requests, and whether the property meets the review criteria. Currently, awards do not exceed 20% of the property's appraised value. BSCHT reserves higher award percentages for buyers using the funding as a down payment.
Who determines if a property will receive a GOOD DEEDS restriction?

A trained and dedicated committee reviews all applications and make recommendations to BSCHT's board of directors.

What are the tax implications if I participate in GOOD DEEDS?

Because each individual's tax circumstances are different,  applicants should consult with their tax professionals.

How does BSCHT validate a property’s value?

Before purchasing a deed restriction, BSCHT requires an appraisal of the property at the applicant’s expense. BSCHT recommends all applicants apply for the program before ordering a new appraisal, unless one already exists that is six months old or less.

Rent Local

How do I apply for Rent Local as a property owner?

BSCHT recently paused homeowner applications to the Rent Local program while it seeks additional funding. Please email to add yourself to the waitlist.

How do I apply for Rent Local as a tenant?

The first step is completing the Housing Trust’s rental prescreening form. Then, actively watch the current listings page for future rental opportunities. When you find a listing that is of interest, please email to receive the complete application.

What if I already rent on the long-term rental market?

The Housing Trust will suspend funding for owners already on the long-term rental market in 2024. Owners who already rent to locals can instead apply to the Housing Trust’s newest program, Good Deeds. Good Deeds pays property owners up to 20% of their property’s appraised value in exchange for permanently requiring a member of the Big Sky workforce to live in the home.

How long can I rent my property through Rent Local?
A minimum of one year and a maximum of two years
Does the Housing Trust help owners find tenants?

The Housing Trust offers free tenant screening to any property owner needing long-term tenants, provided the owner does not exceed Rent Local’s rent caps. Owners do not need to participate in Rent Local to use the free tenant screening services.

Can I choose my own tenants?
Property owners may rent to any tenants of their choice, provided one occupant works full-time for a business physically located in Big Sky.
Do you have a lease I can use?

Please email for a leasing template.

Can I rent my property through Rent Local for just a season?

No. Owners must commit to Rent Local for a minimum of one year.

What incentives do you offer for owners flipping their vacation rental?

No. Owners must commit to Rent Local for a minimum of one year.

Powder Light

Who is eligible to rent in Powder Light?

Any business that is registered with the Big Sky Resort Area District may rent bedrooms in Powder Light. (Businesses must register with Resort Tax prior to applying for Powder Light bedrooms, even if their business does not collect the tax.) Nonbusiness owners are not eligible to rent bedrooms in Powder Light.

Are pets permitted in Powder Light?

No, pets are not allowed in Powder Light.

Are utilities included in the rental rate?

All costs, including utilities, are included in the $1,700 per bedroom rental rate.

Is smoking allowed?

Powder light is a smoke-free campus.

If an employee finds alternate housing before the lease ends, am I able to transfer the lease to another employee?

Powder Light double-occupancy bedrooms will lease directly to businesses who may sublease the bedrooms to their employees. If an employee changes jobs or finds housing independently, the business may place a new employee in the unit instead.

What is the minimum and maximum number of bedrooms my business can rent?

The minimum amount of space a Big Sky business can rent in Powder Light is one double-occupancy bedroom. You cannot rent a single bed. The maximum is set based on current availability and demand.

How much is the rent at Powder Light?

The monthly rent is $1,700 per bedroom. It includes all furnishings, utilities, and Wi-Fi.

Can my business put just one employee in each Powder Light bedroom?
Each Powder Light bedroom comes with two single beds. Employers may choose to double or single-occupy each bedroom. The rent is the same for both scenarios.


What is RiverView?

RiverView Apartments is a collaboration between the Housing Trust, Lone Mountain Land Company, Resort Tax, and Big Sky Water & Sewer to build 97 rental apartments off Lone Mountain Trail.

What is the difference between Lone Mountain Land Company’s and the Housing Trust’s portion of RiverView?

Lone Mountain Land Company’s (LMLC) portion will consist of 72 units that are a mix of traditional apartments and single-occupancy dorms with shared living spaces. The Housing Trust’s portion of the development contains 25 apartments with no dorm rooms.

Who is eligible to rent at RiverView Apartments?
Big Sky Resort Area District businesses can rent LMLC’s portion of the project. The Housing Trust’s portion will rent directly to residents instead of businesses.
How much is the rent at RiverView Apartments?

LMLC still needs to set the rental rates for businesses leasing in RiverView. Because BSCHT earned $6.49 million in federal funding to build its 25 apartments, BSCHT’s occupants must meet federal income requirements. BSCHT will rent to individuals with incomes between 30% and 80% of the Area’s Median Income, with rent capped at 30% of a household’s income.

Can I purchase a RiverView Apartment?
No. RiverView Apartments are only for rent.
When will you complete RiverView Apartments?
Developers anticipate finishing construction by June 1, 2024.
What is the rental process?

BSCHT has yet to establish the rental process because construction will not finish until June 2024. If you are an employer or employee interested in renting at RiverView, please join the RiverView Waitlist. The Housing Trust will provide more information in 2024.

Are pets permitted at RiverView Apartments?
Pet rules are still unknown. Registered ESA and service animals are allowed.
How many bedrooms are in each apartment?

The apartments are a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedrooms.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are in each dorm?

LMLC’s RiverView dorms have two different floor plans. One will have eight single-occupancy bedrooms, and the other will have four single-occupancy bedrooms. There is one bathroom for every two bedrooms in LMLC’s dorms.

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